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Curbstone processing and using

      Five lotus curbstone is made of hard texture granite; its place of origin is Jietou, Wulian. Wulian is a county which is famous for abundant mine resources, its total reserve is 5,000,000,000 cubic meters. The concentration and integrity of mines and convenient traffic is benefit for large-scale processing and transporting of curbstone. 

     Curbstone is always used between separator and road or side walk and road, especially suitable for road pavement, landscaping, and projects such as express way, it is very popular among stone customers. 

Five Lotus curbstone is mainly including traditional curbstone and “S” shaped curbstone. 

In traditional processing method, granite blocks are cut to required size, then polishing, chamfering, chopping or flaming. 

“S” shaped curbstone is computer aided further processing on the basis of traditional processing. 

    In recent years, with the large-scale of mine exploitation and advanced equipment application, the cost becomes lower and the production becomes larger, this makes Five Lotus curbstone more competitive in price.