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Why artificial stone need to be maintained?
     The maintenance of artificial stone means measures of protection, cleaning, surface handling, renovating after artificial stone was installed, from start to use until renovating. Its purpose is to keep artificial stone tidy, bright, beautiful, and reach a best using effect. 
     Because artificial stone is a kind of homogeneous and close-grained compound material, and it is most widely used artificial stone are made of resin, this kind of stone is more stable than natural stone, without the disadvantage of crack, layering, easy to be contaminated, unevenness in texture, easy to react with chemicals, not resistant to acid and alkali. 
These factors make artificial stone hardly rise problems such as water spot, weathering, salting, rusting, erosion, surface contamination, brightless, glue contamination, layering. To the problems of snip, scratch, surface roughness, snap, its easy to fix or change. 
So, the maintenance of artificial stone is easier than natural stone. This is why artificial stone is widely used in indoor decoration, especially in kitchen, bathroom and lavatory. 
Artificial stone is made of organic components, so you do not need think ahead about its protection, what you need to do is to paint some repellent on its surface after it is installed; to larger abrasion, rugged surface, just doing some grinding and planing.