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How to handle with the mosses on curbstone surface?
Nowadays curbstone is widely used in highway guardrail and parks, it is mainly used for flower and grass protection, road protection, road segmentation, also for the consideration of pedestrian safety. Yet, neither granite nor other stone material endures permanent. If it exposed in moisture surrounding for a very long time, its color will be changed and mosses will grow up. Once mosses appear, the function of stone changed. So we need to handling with the mosses timely. Below are methods of how to do with mosses:
1. The most widely used method is herbicide, it depends on actual situation, if there are too many mosses, you can use a knife to clear away the massive, and then use herbicide, in this way you can get a better effect ion. 
2.  After using herbicide, use water to clean the surface, it will look tidy. Make sure do not splash the chemical solution into eyes, in case it splash into eyes, keep calm and wash eyes by fresh water.