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Mine Resources

Independent research and development of technological innovation

In 2006, we invested in mining exploitation, and in 2008 we launched our new product which named "Classic Grey Diamond ", product code G3762. Our mine has a reserve of 500,000,000 cubic meters,exploitation area 100,000 square meters, yearly production capacity 200,000 cubic meters. In 2008, our mine is evaluated as the largest grey granite mine in China by China Stone Industry Association. Now, “Classic Grey Diamond” quarry block is supplied to Laizhou, Qingdao, Zhaoyuan and Fujian, which famous for stone processing. In 2010,we bought 2 superior Wulian Red mine, which can be strong backup for our factory producing. In 2011, we successfully researched and developed mining multi-blade saw, which got the national patent. Formerly, only big stone blocks can be produced from the mine, with the application of mining multi-blade saw, slabs can be produced directly on the mine. The mining multi-blade saw solved the problems of resource waste, land waste; meanwhile, it saved the cost, reduced potential safety hazards, labor intensity and equipment attrition. This innovation can be regarded as a technical revolution in stone industry. 





Shanqian owns state issued mining license.

Shanqian is the largest grey mine owner.

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